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Modular     Construction,     Easy     Installation:      Internal     circuit boards   plug   into   motherboard.   External   HD15   and   BNC   modules plug   into   rear   panel   and   are   retained   by   screws.   The   video   and audio   wiring   is   connected   to   a   12   pin   Phoenix   connector   that plugs into the rear panel. VGA   In   -   The   built-in   high   resolution   graphics   splitter   is   similar   to our   very   popular   VGS2.   Just   plug   your   laptop   or   PC   in   and   enjoy crisp   pictures   on   your   projector   /   LCD   /   plasma   panel   /   large- screen monitor / etc. and   OUT   -   The   main   output   is   located   inside   the   wall   and   is   a perfect   match   for   our   HQ   cables.      If   you   prefer   to   run   separate   75 ohm   BNC   cables   for   the   longer   distances,   just   order   the   BNC output (Option /b). Video   In   -   A   composite   video   connector   (yellow   RCA/Phono) connects   through   to   the   multi-pin   connector   located   on   the   rear panel of the electronics module. or   S-Video   -    The   AWP1   can   be   fitted   with   a   mini   4-pin   DIN   in place    of    the    composite    video    connector.    This    also    connects through    to    the    multi-pin    connector    on    the    rear    panel    of    the electronics module. (Option /s) Audio    In    -     There    are    two    separate    audio    inputs...    a    3.5mm stereo   socket   for   PC   audio   and   a   pair   of   RCA/Phono   sockets   for a   DVD   /   VCR   /   etc.   Both   sets   of   inputs   are   connected   to   separate terminals     on     the     rear-panel     multi-pin     connector.     The     left RCA/phono feeds both outputs if the right one is unused. Rear   Connections   -    The   D.C.   power   and   all   video   and   audio connections    are    located    on    a    single    plug-in    screw-terminal connector.    The    boosted    VGA    output    is    on    a    right - angled high - density   15   pin   socket   ready   to   plug   into,   or   5   x   BNC’s   for RGBH&V if you order the /b option. Data   I/O   -   All   8   pins   of   the   RJ45   on   the   front   panel   are   connected 1:1    to    an    identical    connector    on    the    rear    panel.    For    best performance,   standard   pairing   is   used   on   the   circuit   board.   The RJ45s   are   shielded.   Useage   -   The   RJ45   data   i/o   point   can   be used   as   a   convenient   network   connection   point   or   with   various adaptors   such   as   AV   baluns   to   connect   to   other   AV   equipment using CAT5/CAT5e cabling.
Quest AV model AWP1 Mk3 A-V Wallplate
AWP1 Mk3 $299.00 inc GST Packing & Delivery are not included
Safe   -   The AWP1   is   powered   by   a   12V   dc   switch-mode   adaptor and   consumes   1.2   Watts.   It   may   be   left   on   continuously   without fear   of   overheating   or   it   may   powered   on   and   off   with   the   other A-V   equipment   in   the   installation.   It   may   also   be   powered   by other   equipment   (requires   +12V   @   100mA).   Installation   -   Easy to   follow   instructions   are   provided,   but   we   do   recommend   that installation   is   performed   by   a   suitably   licensed   person   familiar with A-V   and   electrical   wiring. The AWP1   has   been   designed   to use    Australian - standard     electrical     mounting     brackets     (not supplied). Control   -   The AWP1   has   a   blanking   feature   so   the   VGA   picture can   be   turned   off   without   causing   the   display   device   to   show menus   or   a   blue   screen,   etc.   Internal   links   enable   this   feature and   also   allow   the   blanking   to   be   controlled   from   the   front panel   3.5mm   audio   jack   (requires   a   CST1 )   or   the   rear   panel terminal block. The monitor o/p is not affected. High   performance   -   The   AWP1   has   great   bandwidth   for   the crispest   pictures   you'll   see.   Long   cables?   No   problem!   Internal adjustments   allow   compensation   for   up   to   100   metres   of   quality cable.   All   options   are   easily   field - changeable   without   soldering because all modules simply plug in!
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