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Use the CTM1 to connect high level stereo outputs such as those from PC's, portable CD and miniDisc players, etc. to sensitive inputs. Designed for easy connection with a 3.5mm stereo jack socket input. Total ground isolation for freedom from hum loops. Balanced mic level outputs for easy connection to PA's and recorders, etc.
INPUT Connector: 3.5mm stereo socket Impedance: 2.4K ohms per channel. Level: Suitable for line, headphone or loudspeaker outputs up to 10 Watts. OUTPUTS Connectors: 3-pin male XLR’s Impedance: 200 ohms per channel Freq. resp: -3dB at 40Hz and 40KHz, Distortion: <0.3% @ 100Hz, <0.1% @ 1KHz, <0.2% @ 10KHz with +4dBu input. Insertion loss: 50dB +/- 0.5dB, channel matching within +/- 0.2dB & 0.1 deg over passband. GENERAL Dimensions: 54 x 83 x 35mm Weight: 130gms FEATURES Lightweight ABS enclosure Solid anodised aluminium top panel Compatible with phantom powered mic inputs. No power required.
Quest AV model CTM1 Stereo Line to Mic isolator
CTM1 $149.00 plus GST Packing & Delivery are not included