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The      HC5   Video   Distribution   Amplifier   continues   the tradition       of       solid       reliability       and       professional performance   set   by   our   original   model   HC3   and   offers practical   features   for   the   Audiovisual,   Broadcast   and Film industries. Hum-cancelling         circuitry         efficiently         reduces common - mode   interference   induced   by   mains   wiring, lighting    dimmers,    ground    loops,    audio    leakage,    etc. without impacting on video bandwidth. Wide    bandwidth,    high    output    drive    capability    and unconditional   stability   mean   your   video   will   arrive   crisp and clean. Front   panel   accessible   multi-turn   video   Gain   and   cable EQ    adjustments    let    you    compensate    for    long    cable runs   and   the   recessed   User   Adjustment   /   Factory   Cal. switch   is   a   great   way   to   get   back   to   standard   settings in a hurry. Select    from    power    supply    options    of    240Vac    or 120Vac. The HC5 features low power consumption. The    size    of    the    HC5    has    been    minimised    whilst retaining     a     convenient     layout     of     controls     and connectors. The    HC5    has    enough    gain    and    EQ    in    reserve    to compensate   for   300   metres   of   75ohm   video   co-ax,   or to   tweak   up   a   poor   signal.   Easily   switch   between   'Cal' and ’User’ settings to compare.
SPECIFICATIONS INPUT Connector: Single BNC Impedance: 75 Ohms Level: 1Vp-p nominal Hum Rejection: >40dB at 50/60Hz Maximum   common-mode   voltage   2.5Vrms @ 50/60Hz OUTPUT Connectors: Five (5) BNC's Impedance: 75 Ohms each Coupling: DC, offset <50mV Grounds: Connected to Chassis and mains earth. Level: 1Vp-p nominal, 2Vp-p maximum (all outputs terminated)
Gain: Selected by front panel switch: 0dB (Cal.), -2dB to +6dB (User) Red LED indicates when User adj is selected. EQ: Characterised for 75ohm video co-ax: 0dB (Cal.), 0 to +6dB @ 4.43MHz (User) Freq. Response: 5Hz to 15MHz, +0dB / -1dB Diff. Phase/Gain: < 0.2° / 0.2% @ 4.43MHz GENERAL AC Supply options: 240Vac or 120Vac +/-20%, 3VA with built - in self - resetting thermal and over - current protection. If required, specify 120V supply when ordering. Dimensions: 140 x 122 x 35mm overall, W x D x H. Weight: 790g
Quest AV model HC5 Hum-cancelling Video Distribution Amplifier
HC5 $349.00 inc GST Packing & Delivery are not included
Featuring   high   performance   and   24   hours   a   day,   7   days   a week   Quest AV   reliability.   Quest AV   VDA's   can   be   found   in use     in     permanent     installations,     broadcasting,     video editing,     audiovisual     installations,     live     events,     sports arenas,    government    departments,    in    fact    anywhere    a video signal needs high quality distribution.