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The V212 has two, independent, six output video distribution amplifiers in a 1U rack-mount case. Both inputs have circuitry to cancel induced common-mode hum and related interference to present a clean video signal to six buffered outputs. Both channels use identical circuitry, so the two inputs may be looped to provide 12 identical outputs. Input termination switches are conveniently located near the input and loop out BNCs. These help prevent double loading by either disconnecting loop outputs to use internal 75 Ohm termination, or allowing inputs to loop through (high impedance).
All video connectors are BNC's and the mains supply is via a standard three pin IEC socket. Front panel adjustments are provided for video gain and cable equalisation of both amplifiers and have enough reserve to allow compensation for approximately 300 metres of 75 Ohm video co-ax, or to tweak up a poor signal. You can also easily switch between factory calibrated and user settings. The V212 features robust construction, rock-solid performance and 24/7 reliability. The V212 is to be found in broadcasting, audiovisual installations, advertising, sports, corporate, home theatre, security, anywhere a video signal needs to be reliably distributed.
SPECIFICATIONS INPUTS Channels: Two, independent Connectors: Input & Loop Out on BNC’s Impedance: 75ohms term’d / Hi Z looping (switchable) Level: 1Vp-p nominal Hum Rejection: >40dB at 50/60Hz Maximum common-mode voltage 2.5Vrms @ 50/60Hz OUTPUTS Connectors: Six (6) BNC's each channel (12 total) Impedance: 75 Ohms each Coupling: DC, offset <50mV Grounds: Connected to Chassis and mains earth. Level: 1Vp-p nominal, 2Vp-p maximum (all outputs terminated)
Gain: Selected by front panel switches: 0dB (Cal.), -2dB to +6dB (User) Red LED indicates when User adj is selected. EQ: Characterised for 75ohm video co-ax: 0dB (Cal.), 0 to +6dB @ 3.58/4.43MHz (User) Freq. Response: 5Hz to 15MHz, +0dB / -1dB Diff. Phase/Gain: < 0.2° / 0.2% @ 4.43MHz GENERAL AC Supply options: 240Vac +/-20%, 3VA with self-resetting thermal and over-current protection. 120Vac available to order. Mains input can be mounted on front or rear panel. Dimensions: 432 x 122 x 44mm, W x D x H excluding rack mount ears. Mounting: Standard 1U rack mounting, reversible. Weight: 1.27Kg unit only
Quest AV model V212 Dual Hum-cancelling Video Distribution Amplifier
V212 $659.00 plus GST Packing & Delivery are not included
Removable rack-mount "ears" Completely reversible mounting including mains input Switchable 'User' and 'Cal' settings with LED indicators
Shallow case - only 122mm deep (approximately 4.8") Light, all aluminium case - total weight only 1.27Kg (2.8lbs) Low power, less than 6 watts
side view