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MD12 input panel MD12 output panel
The MD12 is out of production since February 2017. We still provide service.
INPUT Connector: Male and Female XLR's for loop-through Impedance: 100K Ohms nominal (high Z / bridging) Coupling: Transformer isolated Ground: Floating or connected, front panel switch Level: -16dBu min to +24dBu max for +4dBu output Gain: ±20dB, front panel recessed control OUTPUT Connectors: 12 x XLR Male, 6 x 6.35mm 3p Jack, 6 x RCA Impedance: 600 Ohms nominal, to feed high Z load Coupling: Outputs seperately transformer coupled and isolated Grounds: Floating or connected, individual switch on each o/p Level: Line: +4dBu nominal Mic: -36dBu nominal Selected by individual switch on each output Freq. Resp: -3dB @ 15Hz and 30KHz @ -6dBu Distortion: <0.1% @ 1KHz, +4dBu S+N:N: >90dB, unweighted, wideband
GENERAL AC Supply: 240Vac (default) +/- 20%, <7VA (120Vac to order) Built-in thermal and over-current protection. Dimensions: 482.6 x 210 x 2RU (88mm) overall, W x D x H with rack ears fitted Weight: 3Kg Accessories: Supplied with IEC-style mains cable Other features: Loop-through bridging input Level meters on front and rear panels Rack-mounting is reversible, default shown Power socket is reversible, default shown Each user has their own controls All aluminium chassis Low power consumption
Our MD12 is a 2U high rack-mount audio distribution amplifier specifically designed to distribute a professional quality mono audio signal to the Media.
the associated XLR for maximum versatility. The outputs can be used in any combination of balanced, unbalanced, grounded, ungrounded, line level and microphone level. The settings and connections of any output will not affect the others. Input levels from +24dBu down to -16dBu may be adjusted for +4dBu line level output. The rack mounting hardware can be removed or reversed and the mains connector can be on the input (default) or output panel.
The input panel has a high impedance balanced line level input with male and female XLR's for looping through, ±20dB screwdriver accessible gain adjustment, l.e.d. level meter and ground lift switch. On the output panel there are twelve audio outputs and a level meter. All outputs are electrically isolated and each output has it's own line / mic. level switch (0dB / - 40dB) plus a ground lift switch. Six outputs have a 6.35mm stereo jack socket and the other six have an RCA/Phono socket in parallel with
MD12 Out of production since February 2017