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INPUT Connector: Female BNC Signal: Composite video, 1.0Vp-p nominal, 75 ohms terminated OUTPUT Connector: Female BNC Insertion Loss: 1.4dBv Bandwidth: 20Hz to 10MHz, +0/-3dB Isolation: 2KVrms max. between input and output Field Tilt: <20mV with white raster, <10mV with colour black. GENERAL Dimensions: WxDxH: Case 83 x 54 x 30mm Overall 117 x 54 x 30mm Weight: Only 90 grams Other features:   Requires no power supply Very light Tough polycarbonate case Use three for Component video
At   last! A   75   ohm   composite   video   isolator   that doesn't     weigh     a     ton,     yet     provides     full bandwidth    video    isolation    to    eliminate    hum bars   and   other   visible   interference   caused   by earth loops without messing up signal quality. The   VIT1   is   far   more   effective   at   preventing hum     bars     than     the     huge,     heavy     and expensive   series   chokes   you   may   be   using now.     Because     the     input     and     output     are TOTALLY   isolated,   earth   loops   are   completely eliminated. The    VIT1    requires    no    power,    so    no    matter where   you   need   to   put   one,   you   can.   No   need for   a   crane   to   lift   it   into   place,   just   carry   it   in your   pocket.   You   won't   even   know   it's   there, and neither will your audience.
The   Quest   AV   model   VIT1   high   performance   video   isolator   simply   connects   inline   to eliminate earth loops.
VIT1 $189.00 inc GST Packing & Delivery are not included
Total Galvanic Isolation = no earth loops! Small and lightweight Wide bandwidth and low loss Requires no power Big problem solver